- Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are an ideal way to alter topography and manage water drainage. There are many types of retaining walls to consider, including type construction, materials and esthetic values. The primary consideration should be the type footing for the terrain and height. The specific uses are unlimited.

MLS Lanscape & Design, Granville, Iowa, specializes in the design and installation of retaining wall structures. Whether its a challenging hilside, an uneven backyard, or a shrubless plot in need of planters, MLS can solve any dilema. Retaining walls also add curb appeal to your home and can increase the property value. We gaurantee the highest quality work and follow industry standards in the completion of retaing walls, to ensure that they are buiilt to last.



- Concrete Drives/Sidewalls

Homeowners take great pride in the exterior of their home. The concrete driveway has become an essential part of a landscaping plan that imparts an inviting image. MLS Landscape & design provides a wide variety of texture, color, or patterns. Ask about our designs for sidewalls to contain uneven ground when putting in your drive.

Concrete driveways have long been known to give trouble-free service to homeowners. The reason is simple. Concrete is enduring…many driveways last for 30 years and longer without major maintenance. Just as with many high-quality purchases, concrete costs less in the long run.

From the street to the garage, a personally designed concrete driveway not only adds visual satisfaction…but also adds long lasting quality and value to your home as well.


- Skate Parks

MLS Landscape & Design is comprised of planning specialists and construction professionals who's goal is to please skateboarders. We deliver cutting edge designs and authentic finished environments that create a meaningful connection between skateboarders and the communities in which they live.


- Limestone Hardscaping

Limestone chip makes a wonderful base for playgrounds, walking paths, drives and other large areas. A playground can come to life in your own backyard when the right materials are utilized. MLS Landscape & Design will Incorporate a limestone base material through out the playground area, drive or walking path. We can vibratory plate the limestone so as to create a hardened surface. We can also incorporate a retaining wall, seat wall or steps for added interest.

- Lakeshore Restoration

Turn your lakeside into a place of relaxation and low maintenance. When we install natural stone and native plants it brings a touch of organized nature to your lake shore. Domestic plants produce root systems that hold the soil in place and help filter out pollutants and runoff. Incorporating natural stone ensures a permanent and strong structure with an established look.