- Sodding/Seeding

Whether you are wanting to seed a new lawn, sodding, or maintaining an older lawn, MLS Landscaping & Design will start or restore any lawn to its natural beauty. There is nothing more beautiful than a dark green soft lawn as part of your landscape, it really sets off the rest of your landscaping and adds to your curb appeal.

MLS. selects the right type of top soil and grass for your area. We level and roll the top soil, then lay the grass, carefully cutting all edges. Again, rolling the sod then start the watering process. There is nothing more elegant, beautiful and soothing to bare feet than an instant soft carpet of grass.


- Native Grass Seeding

The original native grasses of North America are finally being recognized for their useful and diverse adaptations. Often planted with wildflowers, native grass seed has multiple uses with some of the better known grasses being Switchgrass, Indian Grass, Little Bluestem, and Side Oats Gamma.

There are many different native grass varieties that are gaining favor for use in lawns, erosion control, pastures, bio-mass crops,wetland and wildlife habitat restoration. MLS will select the best for your project.

- Wildflower Seeding

As interest in wildflowers expanded in the 1980's, MLS Landscape & Design began adding wildflowers to our list of services. Our customers include golf courses, highway and parks departments, government agencies.

MLS has always had a commitment to planting a high quality of wildflower seed mixtures that will thrive in the desired area.