- Irrigation

Do you enjoy pulling the old hoses around your yard? You have invested a lot of time, effort, and money into your lawn and landscaping, you don’t want to destroy your hard work by improper irrigation. Proper maintenance is key to keep your investment looking great, and a good irrigation system is a major element.

Properly irrigated landscaping not only looks great, but can allow plants and grass to thrive while keep weeds from growing… however an improperly watered lawn can increase the chance of fungus and disease, promote weed growth and waste water (which can result in an outrageous water bill).

We can install and properly configure your irrigation system to keep your lawn and landscaping healthy by targeting specific areas with a precise amount of water, preventing over or under-watering and keeping moisture at just the right levels.


- Erosion Control

Any changes on a slope or uneven yard require specific thought as to how to minimize soil loss. Large storms, changes of uphill water distribution, grading and changes in vegetative cover all could weaken a hillside or yard. MLS Landscape & Design offers proper grading and compaction, water diversion and long-term vegetation establishment. Often native, plants and grasses may be a direction to take for large areas. Annual grasses may be used first year to "lock" up the soil, before a more aesthetic plan can be implemented.

Ask us about erosion blankets and silt fencing.