- Paver Patios/Ponds

MLS Landscape & Design, Inc. specializes in the design and installation of unique outdoor living spaces. We will create a patio area that you will be proud of, and one that your family and friends will be drawn to. Our unique designs and high quality workmanship sets us apart from many of our competitors. We follow and superexceed industry standards in the installation of pavers to ensure that our clients have an outdoor living area that will offer years of enjoyment. Some of the outdoor living areas we can create include: outdoor kitchens, grilling spaces, eating and talking areas, and fireplaces/fire pits.


Like the sound of running water? Have a location in your yard that is perfect for a pond? MLS Landscaping can design and build a pond or water feature to compliment the rest of your landscaping. There are many products and designs available to suit any budget and lifestyle.

- Fences/Deck Design

MLS Landscape & Design can design and construct a fence or deck out of cement, bricks or stone. And, if you like, include a barbecue and/or safe outdoor fireplaces and/or fireplace pit. The ultimate includes a waterfall or a seat area around the rim.

When it comes to fences, whether for privacy, security, children or pets, we can make it happen. Gates that are designed for your equipment to pass through and steps, are other things to think of before installing a stone wall fence.

- Planting Beds

Flowers and shrubs are the accent of your landscaping. MLS Landscape & Design, Inc. takes pride in choosing just the right type of plants and colors to meet your need and the environment of your location. It very important to plant certain plants in the right time of the year in addition to prepping the soil and putting up rodent barriers.

A variety of plant materials are available for your planting bed. They can create a formal feeling, show an array of perennial color, be low maintenance, create a backdrop, or fill other needs. Large or specimen trees can provide a focal point, as can a splash of bright color in an otherwise single-palette garden. Grasses can add a different vertical element and a nice change of texture. We discuss plant choices with the client during the design process to determine what will work best for a particular client's landscape. A favorite existing plant can often be transplanted within the new design. For color, perennials as well as shrubs can give long-lasting color that changes over the seasons. Annuals can be added for additional color, depending on the amount of effort to be spent gardening.

- Nightscaping (Outdoor Lighting)

Whether it is to brighten your property for beauty or safety, landscape lighting is a worthwhile investment. Landscape lighting is visual – it’s dramatic and it accentuates part of the landscape and the house. It enhances architecture, lights up dark areas and draws attention to specific trees or plant beds. It extends the ability to utilize your landscaped areas into the evening hours. People spend thousands on their landscaping, and if they don’t have lighting they can’t enjoy it after the sun goes down.

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